My 10 months Experience on

I have attached with VPS.NET for 10 months. I am the CEO of Techtunes. Techtunes is the largest technology blogging platform in BD which Alexa is around 4000. In my previous host I was getting too much outage and as the community was growing rapidly I need to scale my site. So I decided to go to a cloud solution. After some searching at last I decided to go with

As I want to separate the db server from app server I took two vps to host Techtunes. Right now the site is running nice but after migrating to new CHI-A zone from October I am facing some issue which I have also described here.

Managed Service Are Good but Need More Responsive

I took the managed service from VPS.NET for a while. The managed team is good but sometime they was less responsive even they was less responsive on chat too! So sometime I had to ping several time to fix issues. But the managed team is good are expert enough to solve the problem but problem was less responsive and sometime I found that I had to wait for hours and hours to solve issues. But not all support members are sound. Sometime I found some support engineers are less sound and less attentive that I have to tell several times about an matter or have to pin-point and had to created 3 to 4 ticket to solve one issue. That was frustrating. But I recommend the managed service of but you have to exactly know and tell the team what you want. L3 Engineers are Boss!

Yes truly! The VPS.NET L3 engineers are great and knowledgeable. They are expert and know a lot and you don’t have to use much word to solve your problem. As they seem deal with serious matter or issues only I luckily got some support from some L3 engineer and was very pleased with their support.

The billing system needs improvement

One of the things I don’t like about is the billing system. I think they should improve it. My site was suspended for only $2 due. And also not like that they only give 2 days to clear the bill. You can easily extend it by creating a support ticket but the billing system needs some improvement so that client gets at least 7-8 days to clear the bill.

Support team need more responsive

One of the problems I face sometime but not all the time that in serious cases or when my site is down I have to create or ping several time to support team to solve the issue. But truly the situation is improved for last two months. I notice that the support team are more responsive and I have to wait less than 30 min to get response it is really good and as a customer I want this type of support every time. But if they became responsive all the time I would say VPS.NET support will be the best support.

I am facing problem after the migration form CHI-C to CHI-A

I first created my vps in CHI-C zone and my site was running awesome. But as has to close the CHI-C zone and shifted all the vps to CHI-A zone my 2 vps is now on CHI-A zone. But after the migration from October I have experienced a lot of outage which I have not got for last 9 month.

My site is a very high traffic site and very much busy site. When my site was in CHI-C zone I had 1500 k page-views a day also and my site was fine and not even down for a moment. But after migrating I am facing serious problem time to time and my site getting “502 gateway error” time to time. I have not changed a single thing nor on the vps or the site script before and after the migration but I am facing the problem.  I think whether the vps team changed my vps configuration for migration process which was much optimized for my site or there are some other issues.

I have already created a support ticket and talking with the issue. If not solve I planned to notify the manager and I am confident the issue will be solved as they are very much willing to help and I like that.

I like Team as They are Willing to give customer the best service

One thing I like about vps is that they are willing to improve and very much willing to give customer the best service. As they have option to report the manager and also report the management team also I think these are the sign of their willingness to improve. I reported once about one of my problem to manager and after that they take the matter very seriously and ensure me that will happen again and I was very much pleased.


As a customer I like their innovative product. If you are looking for cloud based hosting and I really recommend you. As my site is one of the leading sites in my country I recommended a lot of people to use But need more improvement on their support and billing and trains the support team to be smarter.

I am happy to use but now trying to fixing my site issues with the help of vps support team. So say good luck for me 🙂


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